Akhisar Halk Egitim Merkezi ve Aksam Sanat Okulu (Akhisar, Turkey)

Our organization is an adult education courses provider in our region called Akhisar , located in the west of Turkey , as one the biggest counties of the province of Manisa. 

Our organization was founded in 1968 and has been organizing different courses for adults and the people out of formal education. In our organization’s database we have about 3.000 different modules for courses such as vocational, artistic ,sports , integration and ICTs. Our vision is Education is everywhere for Everyone. To give statistical knowledge , only last year our organization organized 809 various different courses and reached 20061 adults in the concept of Lifelong Learning .

Our organization’s objectives are: 

  • to integrate the adults especially with disadvantages into educational and social life by organizing courses according to the demand of society.
  • to teach basic life skills to those who are illiterate and out of social life 
  • to create national and international networks  by increasing open educational sources in e-learning applications.
  • to make adults benefit from ICTs as much as they can by equipping themselves with the course index.
  • to increase cooperation with non- governmental organizations to adapt into social life the individuals needing special education, the addicted people , immigrants and prisoners by organizing the necessary courses .