Asociata Socio-Culturala “Sfantul Ioan Botezatorul” (Berbesti, Romania)

Asociatia Socio-Culturala “Sfantul Ioan Botezatorul” Berbesti is a non-profit organization,  created in 2010 by the priest from our local church “Sfantul Ioan Botezatorul” to provide help for the people in need. That is why the area of our activity is a very wide one, starting with social, volunteering work and offering educational support when needed. We identify the most urgent problems of the population in our little town and try to offer them help and support. And since 2011 we also function as adult educational training organisation.
Training center of Montana through the Association Sport Eco-Alpine Club promotes and implements at the natonal level programs of recreation, instruction and preparation of sport people for life.
The Association implements a number of programmes which aim:  promotion of tourism and sports-orientated activities among youngsters and adults, preparing for their life, the promotion of greening, the selection of young people for outdoor activities, knowledge of nature, its protection, observance and initiation in survival techniques and first aid granting.
The team consists of well-trained and trained people working with young people.