EURelations GEIE (Campobasso, Italy)

EURelations is an European Economic Interest Grouping (E.E.I.G.) established in 2002 by public and private Institutions such as SMEs, SME Associations, Universities, Research Centres, Municipalities, Schools, Advisory and Training Firms. Those Institutions are from various European Countries.
EURelations EEIG headquarter is based in Campobasso (Molise Region, Italy).

The main purpose of EURelations EEIG is to promote and support actions related to local development. In order to reach this aim, EURelations EEIG conceives and coordinates local, national and international projects under the main European Programmes and participates as partner in projects promoted by other European organisations. 
The staff of EURelations EEIG is composed by many professionals coming from different member organisations. Moreover 5 people are currently working at its headquarter in Campobasso. 

Project Example: Home Budget Management
The HBM project supports the development of innovative ICT-based content for lifelong learning in the field of  financial education.