Jadransko jonska euroregija (Pula, Croatia)

The Adriatic-Ionian Euroregion (AIE) is an international association established on the 30th of June 2006 in Pula (Croatia) for the promotion of trans-national and inter-regional cooperation between regions and local authorities of the Adriatic and Ionian basin.
The association brings together 33 members (Regional and Local authorities from Italy, Croatia, Greece, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Albania). The AIE is a model for cross-border and interregional co-operation aimed to promote the coordinated and integrated development between regions of the area.
Since 2006, the AIE has targeted its efforts towards ensuring the interests of its members and towards the common development of the whole area. The association supports the members, especially those in the European accession process, to create joint initiatives and to prepare the regional stakeholders to be qualified in the implementation of the cohesion policy and to deal with the European financial instruments.
AIE focuses mainly on protection of the cultural heritage, protection of the environment, sustainable economic development in the field of SMEs, tourism, fishery, transport and infrastructure. The support of the European citizenship also represents an important areas of activity for the association.
The AIE is governed by two main bodies, the General Assembly and the Executive Committee. They are responsible for the decision-making process of the association. The General Assembly is the highest authority of the organization, composed by all members, responsible for the political impetus and strategic orientations. The Euroregion has also an elected President who is the legal representative and manages the AIE in accordance with the decisions of the Assembly.
The Thematic Commissions handle all thematic policies relevant for the network, while the AIE Secretariat is a team of professionals assisting the bodies of the Euroregion. The Secretariat facilitates the interactions between members and provides information and support for the cooperation activities performed by the association.

You can find all the information about the organisation and projects on AIE website: www.adriaticionianeuroregion.eu