Multiplier Event Campobasso 2019

The 1st Multiplier event of the SWEEP project was carried out on 27 July 2019 in the public space provided  by Matrice Municipality (IT) at the Campobasso Library / Mediatheque.

Wide communication of the event was given through the dissemination of flyers in the area and the announcement published in the news section of the project website and by email to the databases of the institutions that support the action.

The program of the event:

– Arcangelo Lariccia – Mayor of Matrice – (replaced for urgent and unforeseen institutional reasons) by Gianmarco Iulietto who illustrated the presentation on “Urban Waste Management

The speaker presented the methods of managing the waste  applied in the territory of the municipality and highlight  that it is  very extensive due to the presence of numerous agricultural districts. The rapporteur also explaines that the waste is not delivered to landfills or external collection centers but , following the selection, it is transferred to an external company that carries out the collection service free of charge and underline how this system represents an enhancement of the separate collection

– Giammarco Iulietto – councilor for the environment of the Matrice Municipality presented examples of the application of “circular economy” in rural areas.

The expert illustrated the basic concepts of the circular economy that allow the citizens  to understand what it is the circular economy and how it is possible to apply its theories with beneficial results for the community.

– Enzo Ziccardi – Eurelations Geie- presented the project website.

The website was presented dynamically with the help of the internet and by browsing within it. He illustrated the e-learning platform, the heart of the site and the project, the various parts of the web site, listed in the menu on the home page and communicated the languages ​​that will be activated during its implementation. He illustrated in detail the Intellectual Outputs 1 and 2 already published in the e-learning section with the help of images via the Internet, and the activities carried out focusing on the realization of the L / T / T activity in Campobasso in June of this year which have allowed to contribute effectively to the promotion of the project in a general sense and to the enrichment of the contents through the reports that two expert academics has offered during the training . Obviously the site is not complete but it will be implemented as the activities will be carried out.

The event register 28 citizens and stakeholders  ( people that have signed ), even though in reality a greater number of people attended.

The impact to the participants was a great interest both for the data published on the website and for the great relevance of the topic.

The attendees also expressed a general appreciation of the innovative methods envisaged in the implementation and use of the e-learning platform.


Lariccia: Urban waste management in the town

Iulietto: The circular economy in rural communities

Ziccardi: OI website. 1 –OI 2 – / e-learning