Multiplier Event Vienna 2019

The multiplier event in Vienna was carried out at the 9th of August in the 5th district Margareten. In total 32 people out of different specialisations, such as economy, finance, investment, environment and informational technology attended the event.

Program: Michaela Punz and Laura Welland from UMBLICK opened with a presentation of the SWEEP project. After a review about the work done so far (Kick-off meeting in Bucharest, in October 2018, Teaching/Learning/Training session in Vienna in November 2018 and Learning/Teaching/Training session in Campobasso, in April 2019), Laura Welland explained the new moodle platform, where people can train their skills and expand their knowledge about waste systems and recycling. The second part of the evening was held by two separate guest-speaker, namely Renate Kepplinger from Austro Papier and Heidrun Kopp from Inafina.

Renate Kepplinger talked about the leading sector of the cycle-based bioeconomy. She mentioned the importance of sustainability in a company and compared this importance by using application- oriented examples in her daily work with Austro Papier. This company uses the concept of circular economy to safe resources and spare  the environment. A sustainable material mixture, by using not just raw wood, but a recycling quota of paper of 73,8%, as well as the use of 60% biogenic energy sources in this company, are the actual state of Austro Papiers concept of circular economy. Renate Kepplinger ended her presentation with a quiz for the audience.

The second guest speaker Heidrun Kopp explained the importance of sustainable industry and investments in sustainable resources and energy. She explained the competition on the finance market and the importance of investing in companies that built their roots on sustainable resources, to strengthen the environmental impact they can have.

The next program point was a panel discussion with Heidrun Kopp, Renate Kepplinger, Bianca Köck, Michaela Punz and Laura Welland. They discussed about risks of investments and guests had the opportunity to criticize, ask questions and talk about the SWEEP-Project. Topics that came up were the very selective target group of older people in the SWEEP-Project and their possible lack of abilities to use an online platform, such as moodle.

In the following interactive break, a buffet was offered, where the guests had the opportunity, to fill out a feedback sheet and try the new e-learning platform moodle through an online taster. The taster contained a game about knowledge of waste reduction and recycling.

Evaluation: We got a lot of important input and could fix some mistakes. One of them was the design of the website, which made it hard for user to recognize, that there are parts that a person could just see when they scrolled downwards. We also adapted the waste bins that were shown and added a written explanation of what the colours of the bins mean. In general, the feedback sheet showed, that the presentation of the content we used to teach knowledge about waste and recycling has to be improved and the font size must be enlarged. In total, most of our guests rated the event as well organized, professional and inspirational.

The event ended with a raffle where the guests could win a little present.

Michaela Punz (Umblick)
Laura Welland (Umblick)
Heidrun Kopp (Inafina)
Renate Kepplinger (Austro Papier)
DiscussionpPanel of experts