Multiplier Event Vienna 2021

On July 21, 2021, the second multiplier event as part of the “SWEEP” project took place in Vienna at the University of Agricultural and Environmental Education (HAUP). The event was carried out by the association Umblick, which is the Austrian partner in the project. A total of 30 people took part in the event, who came from different sectors and industries and were very diverse in terms of age. This event was organized sustainably as an eco-event and the covid regulations were observed.


Michaela Burger from Umblick presented the project in the basics and reported on the past stations in the project. In addition, the course created during the project and the animation videos it contained were presented in more detail.
The second large part of the evening was a presentation of the EU’s new green deal. Its main features and challenges specific to Austria were presented.

After the presentations, all participants had the opportunity to try out the online course on laptops and give their feedback. In addition, the experts from Umblick were available to the audience for discussions and questions, which was often used in smaller groups.

Bianca Köck (Chairlady of Umblick)
Michaela Burger (Project Manager)