Multiplier Events

During the project period, two multiplier events were held by each project partner. Due to the corona crisis, the second events could only take place with a delay, in summer 2021. The events that have taken place can be found in the following list.

First Multiplier Events

ME 1 in Campobasso, Italy (27th July 2019)
ME 1 in Vienna, Austria (9th August 2019)
ME 1 in Berbesti, Romania (25th August 2019)
ME 1 in Slovenia 2019
ME 1 in Pula, Croatia (20th November 2019)
ME 1 in Turkey 2019

Second Multiplier Events

ME 2 in Italy 2021
ME 2 in Vienna, Austria (21th July 2021)
ME 2 in Romania 2021
ME 2 in Slovenia 2021
ME 2 in Croatia 2021
ME 2 in Turkey 2021