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waste sculpture
Waste Statues at the famous rock gardens, Chandigarh, India

The main objective of the sweep project is to increase the sense of responsibility of adults age 50+ regarding the importance of waste separation by training them in the use of digital tools and technology related to the recycling and reuse of waste through an e-learning model. It also aims to raise the awareness of the local communities about the importance of improving environmental protection and to increase the access to the information of the current European legislation relevant to Circular Economy and innovative perspectives until 2030. 

A training model designed for the target group of people aged 50+ will be implemented with the purpose to update and increase their digital skills and to train them to use the digital tool to separate the collection of waste for their recycling or reuse. 

Furthermore good practices and innovative experiences focused at the target will be exchanged and capitalized. The effectiveness of an European cooperation aimed at issues of concrete interest for citizens will be increased in order to build a Europe of people.


Berbesti, ROU
Campobasso, ITA
Pula, HRV
Vienna, AUT
Lendava, SLO
Akhisar, TUR
Bucharest, ROU